Stained Glass Cross Suncatcher, Brown

Stained Glass Cross Suncatcher

SALE Price is 25% OFF. These crosses are of first quality. They are being discontinued.

This cross is made with the copper foil method using brown, tan, yellow and cream colored glass. Finished with black patina; waxed and polished.

Beautiful hanging on a wall and even more stunning in a window where the light can highlight the beauty of the glass. A hanging line is attached. Hanging should be from a hook or nail. 3M hooks (for the right weight) are also effective. Due to it's weight, a suction cup should not be used.

The cross itself measures approx. 10" h x 7" w

Because of the variation in glass, the cross you get may vary slightly from the pics shown.
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  • Model: 103
  • Manufacturer: Manufactured in House

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